About Swap Your House For Cash

Integrity – Our integrity is everything to us.
Professionalism– Be assured that when ever you encounter a member of our office you will be greeted in a professional manner with understanding and a willingness to help.
Ethics– We will never engage in unlawful or unethical acts to any degree.
Value-It is our objective to bring value to you during the process. Bring all inquiries you may have and allow us to enlighten your perspective.
Honesty– The truth is, we don’t purchase every home that comes   across our desk. We don’t believe forcing a deal. If our service is not a good fit, we’ll provide you with free information to best remedy your situation.
Timely Simplicity– It is our objective to complete the Purchasing Process in 30 days or less. Typically within 2 weeks or less.
(According to your timeline of availability).

We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else.

We close with cash which provides rapid results. We will not post your property on the MLS. You are charged no fee.

Swap Your House For Cash is a real estate solutions company based out of New Jersey.  We’re a family owned business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell their house for all types of reasons.

We, like almost everyone know what it is to be in a tight spot or simply exhausted of a situation. At such times it’s good to know that there people whom can both relate and offer a solution to a major obstacle such as selling your home. We provide an absolutely optimum service in purchasing home that places the owners at ease. If for some reason our services aren’t a good fit for your situation we will help you nevertheless. We will provide you with savvy advice and resources that would best remedy your needs.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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